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    We do not take humor seriously enough.

    Konrad Lorenz



  • Company History and Vision

    Sharla Haun, JD, MFA

    We might not think of humor as a tool for personal or professional development, yet when I taught a comedy focused English composition class for two years, I discovered there was nothing better. At Expect to Connect, we work with you to clarify what makes you funny. Participants discover their unique comic characteristics and learn how best to communicate those to develop a common bond with coworkers, customers, and friends.


    Learn how to mine your experiences for the anecdotes and personality traits which express your individual perspective for increased productivity, results, and satisfaction.

  • Courses and Workshops

    How might our courses meet the needs of your organization?


    These one to two hour sessions cover such topics as: humorous traits we all share; There's no Abbott without Costello / capitalizing on employee differences; Did they really post that? / using in-person and social media humor responsibly.


    In half, full, or multi-day sessions, participants learn what is uniquely funny about them, identify how to adapt those to various audiences and incorporate them into sales pitches, presentations, or diverse programs.


    These one-on-one or small group sessions include balancing humor and credibility, humble leadership, and surprising humor for generating action and inspiring accountability.

  • Shop Talk

    Commonly asked tidbits.

    It sounds interesting, but does my company really need this?

    Whether we are aware of it or not, we tell compelling stories to customers, colleagues, and on social media every day. Empower your staff with the skills to recognize their unique voice. They will learn how to systematically avoid inappropriateness by appreciating how we are all comically similar.

    But my staff is shy. What if they are not interested in storytelling?

    Programs are designed for each and every participant to gain a new perspective on themselves, and thus, others, regardless of their level of active engagement. This includes those who consider themselves introverts or those we might consider naturally witty.

    How do you avoid potentially offensive humor?

    Humor at another's expense is clearly and easily differentiated from humor which resonates with audiences based on our shared humanity and which demonstrates authenticity, humility, and self-awareness.

  • Testimonials

    I highly recommend the Comic Storytelling course. Each of the two three-hour sessions were interesting, fun, and flew by time-wise. For me it was both very challenging and fun. To quote the Monty Python series, "And now for something completely different."

    Workshop Participant

    This course is as interesting a course as you will find. Describing the instructor as engaging and thought provoking is a fun understatement.

    Workshop Participant

  • Let's discuss how storytelling and humor can increase your business.

    Pepper Pike, Ohio