• "We do not take humor seriously enough." ~Konrad Lorenz

    Identify and embrace your comic character, lighten up, and be more happy and productive.

  • Company History and Vision

    Sharla Haun, JD, MFA

    I am a little embarrassed to admit that all my life I saw myself as some sort of female Dalai Lama, as I was born into a family of utter self-help junkies. As an adult, I studied professional development intending to pen a book which would teach people, essentially, to be more like me. In 2015, I had the opportunity to teach a humor-focused English class where I began to embrace my comic character—especially my Frasier-like arrogance.


    For the next four semesters, I helped students to turn their frustrations and embarrassing moments into humorous stories designed to humble the speaker and entertain their audiences. We all became more self-aware, gained confidence, and had a ton of fun.


    We normally don’t think of comedy as personal development, yet we are intuitively drawn to it as it frees us to be more ourselves. Expect to Connect presentations and courses work with individuals and businesses to distinguish and harness appropriate humor to increase productivity, teamwork, and sensitivity.


    Learn how to mine your experiences for the anecdotes and personality traits which express your individual perspective such that people remember your uniqueness and see themselves in your insightfulness.

  • Courses and Workshops

    How might our courses meet the needs of your organization?

    Presentations on Storytelling

    These shorter sessions cover such topics as: how we resemble comic characters more than flawless dramatic characters; avoiding storytelling's calculating twin, Marketing; There's no Abbott without Costello / capitalizing on employee differences; and Did they really post that? / using in-person and social media humor responsibly.

    Hands-On Workshops

    In half, full, or multi-day sessions, participants craft personal stories using their unique character traits and responses; leading with familiarity; navigating stereotypes; comic delivery; and preparing for that laugh connection / closing the deal.

    Individualized Editing Services

    One-on-one assistance with presentations, speech writing, sales pitches and other business-related interactions target: the multi-faceted character; leading with insightful humility; and canning egoist goal-setting for authentic and inspiring organizational aspirations.

  • Shop Talk

    Commonly asked tidbits.

    It sounds interesting, but does my company really need this?

    Whether we are aware of it or not, we tell compelling stories to customers, colleagues, and on social media every day. Empower your staff with the skills to recognize their unique comic voice and unlock their personal potential. They will learn how to systematically avoid inappropriate humor while coming to appreciate the ways in which we are all comically similar.

    But my staff is shy. What if they are not interested in storytelling?

    Programs are designed for each and every participant to gain a whole new perspective on themselves as well as others, regardless of their level of active engagement, including those who consider themselves introverts or those we might consider naturally witty.

    How do you avoid potentially offensive humor?

    We focus on our self-deprecating actions, reactions, even automatic physiology responses which make light of common responses to conflict and disappointment. Humor at another's expense is differentiated from humor which resonates with audiences based on our shared humanity and which demonstrates self-awareness, authenticity and integrity, and which also provides personal clarity.

  • Testimonials

    I highly recommend the Comic Storytelling course. Each of the two three-hour sessions were interesting, fun, and flew by time-wise. For me it was both very challenging and fun. To quote the Monty Python series, "And now for something completely different."

    Workshop Participant

    This course is as interesting a course as you will find. Describing the instructor as engaging and thought provoking is a fun understatement.

    Workshop Participant

  • Let's discuss how storytelling and humor can increase your business.

    Pepper Pike, Ohio